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The links on this page are intended to provide you with ideas of what is available and how to get unusual items on the Internet. Although I have had good experience with most of the entities that provide the web sites that these links point to, their inclusion here does not constitute an endorsement of anyone. Please use these links as a starting point for your web research on green items and hard-to-find items.

Please note that many of the items here are for rechargeable batteries and other items that must be disposed of properly. Please consult your local authorities for proper recycling or disposal procedures. You will find that disposing of these items properly is simple and easily accomplished.

Sealed and Maintenance-Free Lead-Acid Batteries

These batteries are used in household and small business alarm systems, scooters and e-Bikes, motorcycles, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for computers and home entertainment systems, and many other uses. There are a number of types of sealed lead-acid batteries:

SLA and VRLA batteries are produced in deep-discharge and conventional configurations. AGM batteries do not lend themselves well to deep-discharge configurations. Most of these don't like to be stored too cold or too hot, so bring them indoors for long periods of inactivity.

Replacing a Lead-Acid Battery

The first thing to do is to note the characteristics of the battery. Use the information painted, printed, or imprinted on the battery. You will need some or all of this information:

Links for Batteries and Related Items

Note the disclaimer at the top of this page; use these links to get started in your search for information and shopping for replacement batteries. is a comprehensive portal intended to provide the shopper with a way to find a replacement battery for almost any application. Be sure and have the information available before you start.

Panasonic Lithium-Ion Batteries offers a good web site for researching types and sizes of rechargeable Li-Ion batteries for general purpose use and for applications such as laptops.

International Batteries is a small but growing New Jersey manufacturer of large Lithium-Ion batteries for industrial and vehicle applications.

Chargers and Battery Managers

Leave your car parked for more than two weeks at a time? Going on a vacation? A battery tender for your car or motorcycle can be obtained from your local motorcycle dealer or auto parts store. We have a link here for a web source. If you need one for your SLA or Li-Ion battery, check out some of these web pages to get you started. sells a full line of battery tenders for your SLA or special-purpose battery as well as for cars and motorcycles. If your scooter doesn't have a really good battery tender, or if the tender doesn't come out when you take the battery indoors to control its storage temperature, look here to get started.

Pacific Battery is another source for a full line of battery tenders for all lead-acid battery applications.

BTECH is a portal site for commercial and industrial entities that need battery managers or related services and products.

EVBMS is a web forum for people who design and build battery management systems for rechargeable batteries for vehicles, including large Li-Ion batteries for electric vehicles and hybrids.


Professional Racing of Electric Vehicles??? Yes. Believe it. Electric and hybrid motor vehicles may be the future of high-performance cars and motorcycles too.

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